dwb newsletter #12: Holiday events Skid Row + Support artwork storage, Dec’22

Image: Doodles without Borders table at Festival for All Skid Row Artists, Oct 2022

Good morning dear neighbors, artists, collaborators, community partners, co-conspirators, supporters of arts in Skid Row and of doodles without borders,

Another revolution, around the sun. The year is getting close to its end. Our collective work, struggle, celebration– all in one–continues! In this issue:
Upcoming Neighborhood Events for Dec 2022 and
– a shameless plug asking for your support of Community Arts Depot, a sister project addressing the vital need for artwork storage and access focused on Skid Row neighborhood members and residents.

Why support storage of Skid Row artist work?
A critical pillar of neighborhood strength is all its creative and cultural expressions. Community entrenched artwork storage is one of the structures and tools that encourage, preserve, remember, and pass on these expressions.  And adequate and equitable accessibility of an artwork storage is an inseparable part of the fundamental human right and collective responsibility of accessibility to arts and culture, essential to both individual and collective arts and cultural work everywhere.Community Arts Depot starts to address this vital need, currently storing some of the individual as well as collaborative visual work created in Skid Row from early 2000s and to present day.
Please join us in supporting this effort by donating to or spreading the word about their campaign!

Community Arts Depot just switched to a new platform called Givebutter. To donate to the campaign click HERE!

Quote of the month:
“…it is necessary to revise what we mean by success or failure as far as revolutions are concerned. …Revolutions are learning curves.”
– Yassin al-Haj Saleh, Syrian political writer and former leftist detainee 

Read the rest of dwb newsletter #12 here.


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