dwb newsletter #4, December 2020: Happy Holidays from dwb

Happy Holidays and a liberation-minded 2021 from Doodles Without Borders!
Today, December 27th is Kujichagulia, the second day of Kwanzaa. The principle for this day calls for Self-Determination: to define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves.

From Solstice to Christmas and Kwanzaa and everything in between, we wish you–and all of us–love, joy, self-determination and togetherness in the new year! See you in 2021!

Message from Studio 526:
Happy Holidays and HAPPY BIRTHDAY (link to Studio 526 facebook post) to all the December Babies! The studio is on a short break, and will return on Monday, January 4th.

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dwb newsletter #3, October 2020: SkidRowArts + DoodlesWithoutBorders

Image: “#SkidRowConnected” collaboration (fragment) from Festival fro All Skid Row Artists, with doodles without borders overlay

Indigenous People’s Day
– 11th Annual Festival for All Skid Row Artists
– August/September/October Birthdays
– Arts and Community in Skid Row: online and in-person
– Vote and Organize Locally: BLM LA recommendations
– Liberation Globally: Standing with Armenia and Artsakh

On this Indigenous People’s Day marked in many parts of North American continent today, let us stand together with Indigenous people across the continent who ask for “Lands Back!” (as seen on a writing board behind Charles Sepulveda, who was discussing this demand during last week’s UCLA Institute on Inequality and Democracy‘s Abolition on Stolen Lands event). And let us allow our imaginations take us to what it means to align with this demand in our own work, and for ourselves as human beings, for our collective liberation.

In Skid Row neighborhood, where the bullshit of capitalism, racism, imperialism, and settler colonialism of our entire country is both reflected, and conquered every day by humanity, survival know-how, and collective work of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color), poor, and other oppressed folks every day; in Skid Row there are always a bunch of arts and cultural activities coming up. […]

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dwb newsletter #2, July 2020: Doodles w/o Borders + Skid Row Arts: Aug-Sept 2020

Mariana V performs at an Arts Jam, doodling away borders left and right

1) Arts Jam and June/July BIRTHDAYS
2) Intense Love for an Intense Neighborhood
3) ARTS in Skid Row neighborhood
4) Arts East Coast to West Coast

Intense Love for an Intense Neighborhood
In May 2020, a prolific Skid Row artist Mariana V (aka Blackie) who I’ve known since 2008 passed away. We will miss her so very much. Mariana was a regular at the Arts Jam and did not shy away from sharing her feelings. One way to celebrate Mariana’s life, to learn from her, and to carry a bit of her legacy is by channeling Mariana sharing her intense love for “intense” Skid Row in this clip. She speaks with neighborliness that destroys oppression and dismantles colonialism for breakfast. Rest in Power. […]

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