dwb newsletter #11: 13th Skid Row Artist Festival + dwb hours, Oct-Nov’22

Image above: Doodles without borders in Yerevan, Armenia

Good evening dear neighbors, artists, collaborators, community partners, supporters of arts in Skid Row and of doodles without borders.

organized by LA Poverty Department in collaboration with multiple community orgs in LA’s Skid Row Neighborhood’s General Jeff Memorial (formerly Gladys) Park, 808 E. 6th Street (corner of 6th and Gladys).
This event is FREE and open to the public, good music, workshops, performances, and a good time are guaranteed! doodles without borders will also be there!

STUDIO 526 Transition 2.0 
A lot of you know that I had returned to the Studio for a few months part-time to help onboard new leadership. I’m very happy to say, Studio 526 now has two (already not so) new staff: Alice, the Arts Program Manager, and Josh, the Arts Program Specialist. 
I’m no longer at Studio 526, as of July 14th, but you can find me at Doodles Without Borders (or doodles beyond borders, as Silkiie calls it), and by emailing info@doodleswithoutborders.com .
On July 12th the new Arts Program Manager, staff, and artists threw me an amazing little almost-surprise goodbye party, and it was such an incredible, wonderful experience! Thank you all so so much!
For Studio 526 related questions please email Alice at ACorona@thepeopleconcern.org or Josh at Joshua.Castro@thepeopleconcern.org .

P.S. Special SHOUT OUT to Maestro, King, Sir Oliver! 8+ years of pure joy and love through music and collaboration, reggae, roots reggae DJ, a gift of global connections to LA and amazing example of the rich Black African Diaspora from London to Kingston, from New York to Skid Row and beyond! Thank you for everything!

P.P.S. Been back from Armenia for less than 24 hours, and looking forward to catch up with everyone, and get in the groove of amazing creativity and thrilling collective work here in LA and Skid Row with the Festival starting this weekend!

Quote of the month:
“No amount of moral admonishment or “indirect pressure” will guarantee that our demands are met, in the absence of our own organizational presence on the ground. Only by struggling ourselves can we convince our allies of our attachment to the revolution, to the land, and to our national rights. And only by struggling ourselves will we have the chance to impose our demands, in the face of all reactionary opposition.” 
– Monte Melkonian, freedom fighter in the Armenian liberation struggle

Read the rest of dwb newsletter #11 here.


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