About doodles without borders (dwb)
dwb is the online home and container for independent and autonomous projects and initiatives led or facilitated by Hayk Makhmuryan.

photo by Bill Youngblood

About Hayk
I am an art worker and community organizer in Los Angeles region. My work is largely focused on equitable access to arts, cultural, and social spaces as a fundamental human right. and collective responsibility.

I am interested in how artists and arts spaces can align with grassroots community activism, to look at the intersection of arts, social and economic justice, and community from an art worker’s perspective.  I have worked and organized in LA’s Skid Row neighborhood since 2008, and my activism is informed by having coordinated and grown Studio 526 (formerly Lamp Arts Program) 2008-2022, my involvement in the Skid Row Design Collective, the campaign to form a Skid Row Neighborhood Council, and other community and resident centered initiatives. I’ve also been involved in language justice work in LA area (learning so much from Antena Los Angeles), and in organizing against social and economic displacement with Glendale Tenants Union. Regionally, I serve on LA County’s Cultural Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee.

I am a working class, cis-hetero male presenting, Armenian immigrant, since 1999 living in Tongva Land, Turtle Island, known to most people as Los Angeles, United States. I was born and grew up in Yerevan, Armenia.

Arts and culture turn our attention to the fundamentals of communication, and to the way we relate to one another. As such, our level of exposure and participation in arts and cultural activities is directly proportional to our quality of life.

This blog and the site are a work in progress, an ongoing creative project that will change and grow over time.

This webpage and my perspectives would not be possible without input and conversations with fellow artists, active community members, collaborators, and friends like John, Chris, Kayo, Nika, and many others.