dwb newsletter #8: Bob Marley this SUNDAY + Skid Row Communarts April/May’22

Good morning dear neighbors, artists, collaborators, community partners, supporters of arts in Skid Row and of doodles without borders,
The heading, Reclaiming Our Power, was the theme of 22nd Annual Skid Row Black History Month-and-every-month celebration, and the banner was created during doodles without borders tabling sessions in January/February of this year. Many thanks to Eiko, Silkiie, Sir Oliver, Pedro, Hayk, Gary and many others adding to the piece!

Events and Activities
THIS SUNDAY, March 27th, 12-5pm –  7TH ANNUAL Bob Marley Day @ General Jeff /Gladys Park. Good music, good food, good people! An incredible line-up of artists.
Come one, come all!  

Quote of the month:
The result of being colonized is the internalization of the need to remain invisible. The colonizers erase you, not easily, but with shame and brutality. Eventually you want to stay that way. Being [an artist] is getting up there and writing yourself into everyone’s blackboard.” – Lee Maracle, Indigenous writer, traditional teacher, Sto:lo Nation 

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