dwb newsletter #7: Studio526, dwb + Skid Row Community Events: Jan/Feb’22

How are you doing?
Good morning dear neighbors, artists, collaborators, community partners, supporters of arts in Skid Row and of doodles without borders,
This week, Skid Row Neighborhood exhibit (go  to link and scroll down about midway to “Recognizing Skid Row as a Neighborhood”) at the LA Art Show at the LA Convention Center. An active community member and artist, Tom Grode, has put together this exhibit as a project of Skid Row History Museum and Archive! 

–     February 26, 2022: 21st Annual Skid Row Neighborhood’s annual Black History Month Celebration, organizing led by UCEPP, in collaboration with multiple community partners. Follow Gladys Park Skid Row page on facebook for more information, when it becomes available!
–     May 28, 2022: Biennial Walk the Talk Parade, organized by Los Angeles Poverty Department, in collaboration with multiple partners.

FUNDRAISER to continue supporting Community Arts Depot
Please consider supporting this awesome new group, Community Arts Depot, which has formed a couple of months ago, with a focus on providing much needed artwork storage, with initial goal to focus on Studio 526 artists who wish to store work with the Depot, plus support storage of a Skid Row artwork collection going back to 1999-2000. Here’s what the main storage unit looked like as work started coming in. 🙂
Please support at https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-us-sustain-community-arts-depot

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