dwb newsletter #16: Liberation Networks Now & 2040 + Skid Row Communarts Apr’23

Image: Doodles Arts Table flyer for Thurs 3-4:30pm @ General Jeff/ Gladys Park; assorted markers in bkgd

Kind light /Բարի լույս*to you, dear neighbors, artists, collaborators, community partners, co-conspirators, supporters of arts in Skid Row and of doodles without borders,
*the morning greeting in Armenian translates as “kind light” (բարի լույս [baree looys])

In place of any thoughts, sharing group photo from last month’s (March 2023) Open Mic at Skid Row museum. Thank you Silkiie for the reminder to restart this tradition!

UPCOMING in and near SKID ROW, April 2023
Some neighborhood events, celebrations, and parties to join
TONIGHT, Fri, Apr 14, 6:30pm – Utilizing Skid Row Parks @ Skid Row Museum (250 S Broadway)
Sunday, April 16, 2pm, Urban Voices Project’s annual COFFEEHOUSE live performances @ Inner City Arts (720 Kohler St)
Tuesday, April 18th, 1pm at Hippie Kitchen (821 E 6th Street) – Skid Row Now and 2040 PRESS CONFERENCE at a critical point to defend a vision for community and resident centered plan and urge the City to get it on the agenda, possible march to City Hall after by those who are able. COME ONE, COME ALL! Check for details at facebook.com/lapovertydepartment or facebook.com/SRN2040 in next day or two.
Thursday, April 20, 10:30-12pm, Creative Writing / Writers’ Workshop for Skid Row writers, monthly meeting hosted by Ivy @ Skid Row History Museum and Archive (250 S. Broadway).  If you are interested, please reply to let us know.
Friday, April 21, 7pm: MOVIE NIGHT + INTERVIEW with John & Henriette @ Skid Row Museum (250 S. Broadway). This one is a one-o-f-akind opportunoty to ask John/Henriette questions! Come one, come all!
Saturday, April 22, 2pm – Music as a Sanctuary (part of Cosmology and Community: Networks of Liberation exhibit events) @ Skid Row Museum (250 S. Broadway)
Friday, April 28, 5-7:30pm – OPEN MIC + bdays with Hayk, FEATURING Guest Co-Host Prime Minister Footie this month @ Skid Row Museum (250 S. Broadway) – every last Friday of the month

Thur-Sat, 2-5pm:Cosmology and Community: Networks of Liberation – exhibit by community curator Charles Porter, who makes connections between Africa, Black diasporan heritage, his own family history in New Jersey’s Porterville, and Skid Row neighborhood.  On exhibit at Skid Row Museum (250 S. Broadway) through July 2023.

Saturday May 13, 2 – 6 PM, LA Annual Kite Festival at LA State Historic Park (1245 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012). Doodles without Borders will be there with a table!

doodles without borders (dwb)
dwb “How dare you!” community arts table at General Jeff ( formerly Gladys) Park, Thursdays, 3-4:30pm. We will NOT be there on Thur, March 23, returning on March 30th!
At doodles without borders art is the glue to collectively strengthen community, make local, diasporan, and global connections, and disassemble white supremacy, capitalism, imperialism and patriarchy. 

1) Doodles without Borders (dwb) is now on Instagram and Facebook.
Online presence is not dwb’s strong suit, so please have low expectations 🙂
2) There is also now a monthly dwb Skid Row Community & Arts Calendar. I’ll be adding events I see, and if you do community strengthening work in Skid Row and know of an event/meeting that should be on there, please share. 

SUPPORT Community Arts Depot
A shameless plug asking for your support of Community Arts Depot, a sister project addressing the vital need for artwork storage and access focused on Skid Row neighborhood members and residents.

Quote of the month:
“To live in America you need to forget. Not only about what came before but also regarding what or who will supplant you next. I can’t forget, as these stories are in my bones[.]” – Hrag Vartanian, “The Story of My Body”, We are all Armenians

You can see the full dwb newsletter #16 here.


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