dwb newsletter #5: doodles table IN-PERSON + some Skid Row Commun/Arts Aug’21

It’s been a long time! I’m sorry. Unable to spend “proper” time to compose a newsletter, to make sure to include events and actions and activities, doodleswithoutborders went without a newsletter since Dec 2020-Jan 2021, I think. So this email by no means attempts to include everything, just scratches the surface. 
Meanwhile, in person activities and events–especially outdoors–are returning!
Studio 526 even rolled out an August 2021 Community Arts Calendar 🙂

And over the last couple of months doodles without borders (dwb) started for the first time showing up with a low-key anti-capitalist arts table at Gladys Park (Arts Table birthday = June 24th, 2021!)

We are currently slowly working on…

To read the rest of dwb newsletter #5 go to: https://us4.campaign-archive.com/?u=0668b0742daee528604f31cdb&id=0a0d968666


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